Bridge House Residential Water Solutions

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What is Bridge House?

Bridge House is a contemporary, eco-friendly home designed by architect Dan Brunn. With Pentair’s technology, Bridge House efficiently manages its water both inside and out. From better-tasting water, softer skin and hair and cleaner laundry, to automated, energy efficient systems for sparkling clean pool water, be inspired by the smart, sustainable water solutions at Bridge House.

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Who is Pentair?

Pentair helps the world sustainably move, improve and enjoy water, life’s most essential resource.

Step Inside Bridge House

See How Water Moves Through Bridge House

Water becomes part of the aesthetic of the home.

Home Water Solutions

  • Whole Home Systems: Provide premium water for every task with a complete water solution.
  • Water Filtration: Reduce the need for plastic water bottles with great-tasting water straight from the tap.
  • Water Softening: Remove unwanted minerals for softer skin and hair and spotless dishes while minimizing cleaning products and extending the life of your appliances.
  • Pool and Spa: Enjoy your pool and spa with fewer chemicals, quiet operation, cleaner water and reduced energy consumption.

As Seen in the Bridge House

Featured Pentair Solutions

Stretched across a stream bed in urban Los Angeles, the Bridge House reflects architect Dan Brunn’s vision to create a home that seamlessly connects to nature. Pentair collaborated with Brunn to design and deliver a whole home water solution to help ensure the water is managed as smartly and sustainably as possible. Learn more about the Pentair water solutions at Bridge House.


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