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Water Wisdom: Learn about What's In Your Water

H2O. Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen. So seemingly simple, yet critically complex. Solution information, how-tos, and more, these tips and tricks will wash away your water worries. From personal to business, residential to commercial, and everything in between. Let’s dive into the deep end, together, every day to move, improve and enjoy water.

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Water Softening & Filtration Education

You can have the water you want. Straight from your faucet to your glass. The water you can use without thinking twice. No plastic bottles or clumsy pitchers. Learn more about the quality of your water and how we can help improve it.

Your Guide to Outdoor Water Conservation


Get tips on how to conserve outdoor water usage.

Conserve the Outdoors

Your Guide to Indoor Water Conservation


Get tips on conserving water inside your home.

Get the Tips

Learn about the effects of lead


Get the lead out! Learn about lead in tap water.

Learn About Lead

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Pool & Spa Education

Take a deep dive into pool and spa ownership—see how you can create a more effortless pool experience, be more energy-effcient and create cleaner, clearer water with your private backyard paradise.


Learn about the different parts of your pool bad to create a more seamless pool experience.


Water Supply & Disposal Education

From that invigorating morning shower to brushing your teeth before bed, water is a constant throughout your day. Insist on Pentair Water Supply and Disposal solutions to keep the water flowing for you.

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