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Provide Assurance with Disinfection

Target and inhibit the buildup of contaminant growth by treating the air, water and surfaces within your ice machine.

  • Ozone products attack contaminants without harsh chemicals, residue or off-tastes
  • Minimize bacteria, mold, yeast and slime growth


Oxidice Ice Machine Disinfection System

  • Ozone disinfection process reduces contaminants and odors
  • Adapts to any size cube ice machines


Reduce undesirable contaminants from both the water and the ice basin with the power of ozone.

Foodservice Water Concerns

Water is foundational to a foodservice operation. When it's bad it can create a negative customer experience. When it's good it can go unnoticed. When it's great it can delight. Treat your customer and your equipment right with a Pentair solution.

Flushing / Sanitizing

Reduce microorganisms on a properly cleaned surface to a safe level.

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Slime Reduction

Slime results from bacteria and mold growth in ice makers.

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Total Water Management 

Make managing your water easier and more cost effective than ever before. As your end-to-end custom water treatment solutions provider, you can count on our team of Pentair water experts, and network of service providers, to help solve your water-using equipment needs.

Simply put – we offer water expertise. Because when you know your water, you can own your water.


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