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Water is an essential part of our lives. At Pentair, we make products that move water, filter and soften water, and help you enjoy water. Whether you're looking for a Pentair pool equipment dealer near you, a home water treatment professional, or a new well pump to supply your home, our network of local dealers is here to help. Choose a category below to find a local Pentair dealer in your area.

Pool & Spa Equipment

Spend less time maintaining your pool or spa and more time enjoying the sparkling-clean water. Pentair's solutions are engineered to filter, clean, and sanitize water to its purest state, while pool automation equipment makes it all easy to control from anywhere.


Pentair Everpure Water Treatment

Having quality water in your home has a big impact on the taste of food and beverages. Design the water you want for cooking, brewing a perfect cup of coffee, or providing a refreshing glass of drinking water. Insist on Pentair Everpure for commercial-grade water in your home.


Professional Home Water Treatment

Every home has different water challenges. Work with a professional to help you make the best decision for your specific water needs. Trusted Pentair model lines like Fleck, Autotrol, Structural, and Pentek deliver clean, delicious water that also improves the feel of your shower and even how clean your clothes look.


Professional Water Movement

Delivering water in your home where and when you need it, Pentair offers efficient, innovative pump designs. Whether you need a well pump, booster pump, a water system tank, or a pump for your septic tank, you'll find products to meet your needs.



Pentair Shurflo manufactures quality water pumping systems to meet the needs of recreational vehicle owners. We provide quality solutions for your RV water delivery, filtration, and plumbing needs.



Through innovative product design, superior service, and close customer relationships, our Pentair Shurflo pump solutions ensure the satisfaction of boaters around the world. We deliver reliable water delivery, waste evacuation, engine cooling & ventilation equipment, and more.


Business Owner

Your business thrives when you have access to clean water, quality spraying equipment, and reliable fluid transfer solutions. Pentair offers proven equipment for commercial and industrial customers, from commercial pools and waterparks to restaurants and other foodservice companies, from businesses that need equipment for industrial and agricultural spraying, to liquid handling, heating and cooling, and more. Find your local Pentair dealer from the categories below to get the equipment required to help your business succeed.

Commercial Pools, Water Parks and Theme Parks

Pentair delivers innovative engineering, superior quality, and durable equipment for pools and spas of all sizes and scale. We also offer commercial pool deck equipment, including lifeguard chairs and swimming starting blocks. Our customers include colleges and universities, community pools, HMAC, waterparks, theme parks, and more.


Agricultural Spraying

From the pump to the nozzle and all components in-between, Pentair Hypro products are carefully engineered to ensure your agricultural spraying needs are covered.


Fluid Transfer

Pentair Hypro and Pentair Shurflo offer a complete range of liquid handling solutions for all fluid transfer applications, from precisely metered chemical transfer to livestock remote watering, as well as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer applications.



Pentair Everpure and Pentair Shurflo help operators serve the best food and beverages to their customers, upholding strict standards of quality, consistency, and sanitation.


Industrial Spraying

No matter your industrial spraying needs, Pentair Shurflo has the equipment to keep your applications running smoothly. Our equipment is used in evaporative cooling, dust suppression, paint pre-treatment, gas scrubbing, and more.



Pentair Shurflo solutions support the growth of the marine industry with innovative product design and superior service, with high-performance materials, superior construction, and trusted durability. Trust Pentair for water delivery and waste evacuation pumps, engine cooling & ventilation equipment, and much more.


Office Coffee and Water

Pentair Everpure and Pentair Shurflo help employers ensure pure, clean-tasting water is always on hand for their team members. From water and ice to coffee and tea, our solutions are designed to be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than other services.


Pest Control

Pentair Hypro provides high-quality nozzles, pumps, and accessories to accommodate your pest control needs. Our products assist in the careful application of chemicals and allow users to target specific areas with accuracy and precision.


Pressure Cleaning

Pentair Hypro offers a powerful lineup of solutions for your cleaning and washing needs. You can count on our time-reducing, high-performance pressure cleaning products for the toughest jobs.


Professional Water Movement

With an extensive and diversified line of innovative pump designs and a focus on efficiencies, Pentair provides water supply and disposal solutions to help ensure that you have water when and where it's needed.



Pentair Shurflo delivers quality water pumping systems to meet the needs of the recreational vehicle industry. Shurflo has been the RV industry's leading water delivery system supplier since 1968.



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