Water Disposal Pumps

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Pumps Ready to Take on the Dirty Work

Water disposal is a tough job that requires a tough pump. Pentair has sewage, effluent, solids handling, macerator and more pumps primed to get down and dirty.  With the right pump on hand, it’s not just helping your customers move wastewater or greywater out to the proper storage or treatment system.  It’s helping you deliver convenience, performance and peace of mind for homeowners, boat owners, RV owners and communities.

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Why Choose Pentair Water Disposal Pumps?

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Trusted Brands

Install with confidence from our centuries of combined legacies in quality water disposal pumps.

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Rugged Dependability

Trust in professional grade water disposal pumps built to work hard and get the dirty job done.

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Supported Partners

Be empowered with helpful digital tools and programs to boost your business.

Water Disposal Pumps

Effluent Pumps

A variety of durable and dependable pumps to meet your residential septic system or commercial waste water demands.

Our Brands:  Hydromatic  Myers  |  Sta-Rite

Grinder Pumps

Featuring patented axial cutter technology that will get you through the daily grind.

Our Brands:  Myers  |  Hydromatic

Marine Macerator Pumps

Specifically designed to handle sanitation waste and fish box evacuations so your customers can confidently and comfortably stay out on the water.

Our Brands:  Shurflo

RV Macerator Pumps

Specifically designed to handle sanitation waste so your customers can continue enjoying wherever the road takes them.

Our Brands:  Shurflo

Self-Priming Pumps

Self-primed and ready for action to take on the heavy lifting jobs like sewage transport, stormwater collection and industrial dewatering.

Our Brands:  Fairbanks Nijhuis  |  Hydromatic  |  Hypro  |  Myers  |  Shurflo  |  Sta-Rite

Sewage Pumps

Designed to minimize clogging so raw sewage reaches the septic tank or sewer system with ease.

Our Brands:  Berkeley  |  Hydromatic  |  Myers

Dry Pit Solids Handling Pumps

Solid design, solid performance. These pumps live to support solid handling in residential, municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis

Submersible Solids Handling Pumps

These pumps will go deep to surface new levels of performance to get the job done.

Our Brands: Fairbanks Nijhuis  |  Hydromatic  |  Myers  

Sump Pumps

Helping to keep your customers high and dry with smart design for reliable performance.

Our Brands:  Flotec |  Hydromatic  |  Myers  |  Simer

Vertical Turbine Solids Handling Pumps

Made for the big jobs. These pumps are ready to take on your heavy duty solids handling demands.

Our Brands:  Fairbanks Nijhuis

Vortex Pumps

A variety of vortex pumps for a variety of residential, municipal, light commercial and industrial applications.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Hydromatic  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis  |  Myers

Water Disposal Accessories

Quality parts for quality pumps. Take advantage of a one-stop-shop approach to your water disposal pump system.

Our Brands:  Hydromatic  |  Myers  |  Parts2O


The Digital Toolbox Keeping You One Step Ahead

Introducing the Pentair Pro App

Grow a better business while delivering peace of mind to your smart-home customer with the Pentair range of connected water products and the Pentair Pro app. Receive alerts and monitor your customers’ devices in real-time from your smart device, so you can help diagnose issues and save time on service calls. 

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Pentair Encompass Pump Selection Tool

Find the right municipal or industrial wastewater pump that meets your project requirements.

Need a helping hand?

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