Replacement Filters

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Replacement Filters

Replace, Refresh, and Relax with Genuine Replacement Parts

Every water filter lasts for a different length of time, depending on a variety of factors like your home water usage and level of contamination. Look to Pentair whenever you need your next filter flip-out. We’ll have an effective, original replacement filter for your Pentair system at the ready to keep your water wonderful.

Regularly Replace Your Filter to Ensure:

filling reusable water bottle
  • Refreshing, higher quality water
  • Optimal filtration levels
  • Properly-functioning systems
  • Longer-lasting products
  • Peace of mind

Frequently Asked Quetions

I live in a home where a water filtration system was already installed. How do I know which replacement filter to use?

You can consult the user guide if the previous owner left it behind. If not, call your local Pentair dealer who can verify the correct replacement filter for your system.

How frequently do I need to change my water filter cartridges?

The exact frequency of water filter cartridge changeouts will vary depending on your water treatment solution. Many filters either last 6 months or a full year. Consult your user guide for the correct timing for replacing your water filter cartridge. In some cases, your water quality or sediment levels will require you to replace cartridges more frequently.

Why do I need to regularly change my water filter?

Over time, the media that captures contaminants will fill up and become less effective. Your treatment solution will not operate at the indicated levels if you do not replace your filters. Regularly changing your water filter ensures your water is filtered for contaminants at optimal rates.

Are you an independent water treatment professional? 

We have the tools you need to grow your business. Visit the Pentair Pro Hub to get started today.

At Pentair Water Solutions, we use our unrivaled expertise to understand each customer’s unique home water challenges and needs. We develop tailored solutions that unlock your water’s full potential through a seamless and simple one-stop-shop experience. After all that personalized attention, keep your water quality top-notch with affordable replacement filters and cartridges.

Water filters are impressive, but they aren’t magic. The secret to ongoing, terrific water quality is replacing your water filters and cartridges when they reach the end of their life cycle.

Insist on Pentair Water Solutions to be your water’s best friend, end to end.

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