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Shower Filter Solutions

Enjoy a Spa-Like Experience From Your Shower

Are you looking to ditch dry and itchy skin? Do you want to add a little glow to your hair’s flow? Then insist on Pentair. Pentair Shower Filters can reduce up to 96% of the chlorine from your shower water, resulting in softer skin and hair, reduced odors, and less scale buildup around your tub and faucet.

Reasons to Sing in the Shower

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Our premium line of shower filters stand up against even the harshest sediment and chlorine tests. Here’s why you should insist on a Pentair Shower Filter:

  • Reduces chlorine by up to 96%1
  • Take advantage of our patented design for durability and longer filtration life
  • Dual-Flow showerhead can save you time and money
  • Enjoy a spa-like experience with a calming ocean-breeze scent bar, included with order

Water Education Center


Am I Showering In Chlorine?

Swimming, bathing, and showering in chlorine can make you feel like a shriveled raisin. How does a shower filter reduce chemicals in your water for a revitalizing, soothing shower? We’ll tell you.


Chlorine In Your Home Water

Beyond the signature taste and odor, the volatile chemical nature of chlorine means it can react and form byproducts. How much chlorine is considered ‘safe’ in your drinking water?

Learn more about common water problems and how to tackle them in our Water Education Center.
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Customer Care

For customers who have purchased and installed Pentair Water Solutions products such as Pentair Pelican Water Softener Alternatives, Pentair Water Softeners, reverse osmosis systems, UV systems, shower filters and more. Contact us with questions on installation, warranty, returns and to track orders placed before October 27, 2022.​


Find a Water Treatment Pro Dealer

For customers who would like to purchase high quality water treatment products that use Pentair technology such as Fleck or Autotrol water softener valves, Pentair Freshpoint reverse osmosis systems, Pentair Big Blue Whole Home Water Filtration Systems and more, find a local Certified True Blue Water Treatment Pro.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Will these shower filters fit my existing shower pipe?

Our shower filters fit shower pipes with 1/2” connections, which is the standard shower pipe connection size for most homes.

Will a shower filter reduce my water pressure?

No. We designed our shower filter to eliminate pressure drop on the constant pressure mode. You may experience a slight pressure drop on the water conservation mode.

How many showers can I take before I need to change my filter?

Each filter lasts for about 30,000 gallons. So, at the 1.5 gallons-per-minute setting, you can expect your filter to work for 2,000 10-minute showers or 1,333 15-minute showers. The average lifespan is about six to nine months.

Are you an independent water treatment professional? 

We have the tools you need to grow your business. Visit the Pentair Pro Hub to get started today.

1Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI177 for the reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory

Think beyond the kitchen sink when you choose Pentair. We design smart, sustainable water treatment solutions that address every inch of your home, from hard water scaling prevention to chlorine treatment at the point-of-entry so every shower is ahh-mazing.

Protect your body from potentially harsh chemicals in your water with a targeted shower filtration solution. Pentair Shower Filters reduce chlorine and chloramines by up to 96% while working to reduce surface tension and provide relaxing aromatherapy. It’s the one-step solution to transform a standard shower into a sauna.

Never compromise on water quality: at Pentair, it’s your water, your way. Choose between three unique Shower Filters with a wand, a showerhead, or no showerhead included. Customize your shower experience to be revitalizing and soothing. With cutting-edge filtration, belting another show tune in the shower is no cause for concern. Relax and unwind enveloped in treated water that leaves your hair shinier and your skin softer.

Less chlorine in your shower boosts the ol’ "look good, feel good" factor. Insist on Pentair and our filtration technology to give your shower the VIP treatment.

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