UV Water Purifier Systems

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UV Disinfection Solutions

Harness the Power of Ultraviolet Light 

Unwanted microorganisms and bacteria in your home water don’t stand a chance against the power of a Pentair UV System. Our line of UV systems use only the power of UV light to inactivate bacteria and viruses. That means no chemicals. No salt. Just the right balance of light, giving you better water and peace of mind for your whole home.

Enjoy The Benefits of a Pentair UV System

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  • Reduce the risk of unwanted contaminants in your water
  • Inactivate up to 99.9% of waterborne pathogens with select UV systems
  • Water is not negatively affected by UV treatment
  • Minimize your carbon footprint by using no more energy than a 40-watt light bulb
  • Take home water management to the next level with optional filtration and water softener combination systems

Water Education Center


How Does UV Treat My Water?

How does light protect you from bacteria and viruses? How does UV disinfection work? Find out when you read our UV deep dive.


Chlorine In Your Home Water

Beyond the signature taste and odor, the volatile chemical nature of chlorine means it can react and form byproducts. How much chlorine is considered ‘safe’ in your drinking water?

Learn more about common water problems and how to tackle them in our Water Education Center.
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Customer Care

For customers who have purchased and installed Pentair Water Solutions products such as Pentair Pelican Water Softener Alternatives, Pentair Water Softeners, reverse osmosis systems, UV systems, shower filters and more. Contact us with questions on installation, warranty, returns and to track orders placed before October 27, 2022.​


Find a Water Treatment Pro Dealer

For customers who would like to purchase high quality water treatment products that use Pentair technology such as Fleck or Autotrol water softener valves, Pentair Freshpoint reverse osmosis systems, Pentair Big Blue Whole Home Water Filtration Systems and more, find a local Certified True Blue Water Treatment Pro.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Who should consider a UV disinfection system?

We recommend UV disinfection for families living in areas with frequent boil water alerts, homes with private wells, and homes with drinking water that contains high total coliform bacteria.

Will UV treatment get rid of iron bacteria and/or sulfur-reducing bacteria?

We do not recommend UV for the disinfection of water with iron or sulfur bacteria. With over 600 different types of iron and sulfur bacteria, and the jelly-like membrane the bacteria have, the UV light would not be able to properly penetrate the membrane of the bacteria to disinfect the water. Consider a chlorine injection system with retention to kill iron or sulfur bacteria.

Why is it recommended to pre-treat the water before installing a UV Premium System?

We recommend a 5 micron sediment pre-filter to remove dirt and debris. The quality of your water can affect the dosage of UV disinfection the system provides and can cause premature "sleeve fouling," which will require the sleeve to be cleaned more often and may damage the UV sleeve. Pretreatment safeguards against these possibilities.

Are you an independent water treatment professional? 

We have the tools you need to grow your business. Visit the Pentair Pro Hub to get started today.

Smart, sustainable solutions to water treatment issues are the heart of everything we do at Pentair. We developed our line of UV Disinfection Systems for families with private wells or in areas prone to water boil alerts so they can always see the glass as “full-full” of cleaner, better-tasting water.

Equip your home with a premium pathogen solution to combat organic contaminants. Pack a punch against microorganisms with a UV Disinfection System that renders the DNA of bacteria, cysts, and viruses unable to reproduce, and therefore unable to get you and your family ill.

The NSF, a non-profit organization, certifies select Pentair UV Disinfection Systems to reduce bacteria and cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means. Premium systems include further certifications for trusted performance and peace of mind.

Let the (ultra-violet) light in when you insist on Pentair for your UV water treatment. We’ll have you reaching for glass after glass of refreshing, chug-worthy water.

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