Water Supply Pumps

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Water When and Where You Need It

Water can be considered a jack of all trades. It needs to be available and applied for a multitude of applications.  With the right pump on hand, you not only deliver water, you deliver confidence, performance and peace of mind. Pentair offers a variety of water supply pumps for a variety of applications to keep the water flowing where and when it’s needed.

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Why Choose Pentair Water Supply Pumps?

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Trusted Brands

Install with confidence from our centuries of combined legacies in quality water supply pumps.

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Rugged Dependability

Trust in professional grade water supply pumps built for performance.

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Water Supply Pumps

Booster Pumps

Need a boost? No worries, these pumps are built to handle pressure within residential and commercial applications. 

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Berkeley Myers  |  Sta-Rite

Centrifugal Pumps

From lawn sprinkling to low chemical transfer to commercial HVAC and more, we have a centrifugal pump primed and ready for action.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis  |  Hypro  |  Myers  |  Shurflo  |  Sta-Rite

Circulation Pumps

Keeping the cold water flowing at the temperature you need throughout your marine or RV refrigeration system.

Our Brands:  Shurflo

Drives & Controllers

Perfect pressure and maintain your system with effective pump motor control. 

Our Brands:  Pentek

End Suction Pumps

Help deliver efficient comfort within commercial building HVAC, water supply and boosting systems with our high performing end suction pumps.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis

Industrial Pumps

These pumps are built to deliver reliability and performance within the most demanding environments for a large number of industries.

Our Brands:  Fairbanks Nijhuis  |  Myers

In-Line Pumps

Limited pump room space? No problem! Our in-line pumps mount directly into the pipeline so you get performance without added footprint.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis

Irrigation Pumps

Deliver sustainable nourishment to crops and livestock with our quality, easy to maintain pumps.

Our Brands:  Berkeley

Marine Water Delivery Pumps

Helping your customers have more quality time on the water through quality pumps supporting their marine plumbing.

Our Brands:  Shurflo

Marine Ballast Pumps

We’ve got your ship’s ballast balancing act down pact through over four decades of pump experience.

Our Brands:  Shurflo

Pressure Cleaning Pumps

Powerful pumps for powerful flow for powerful pressure cleaning.

Our Brands:  Hypro

Propeller Pumps

Powerful pumps ready to meet your source water pumping demands including lake, cooling pond, tank, river and ocean water. 

Our Brands:  Fairbanks Nijhuis

RV Water Delivery Pumps

Keeping customers confident on the open road with reliable RV plumbing systems.

Our Brands:  Shurflo  |  Sherwood

Split Case Pumps

Delivering the durable and dependable workhorses of industrial and municipal applications.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks-Nijhuis

Spray Pumps

Supporting precise spray to help enable ideal yield with sustainable pressure and flow.  

Our Brands:  Shurflo

Transfer Pumps

Check out our comprehensive range of quality, reliable pumps that handle all types of fluid transfer applications.

Our Brands:  Hypro

Turf Management & Pest Control

Helping to keep the flow for greener turfs and less pests.

Our Brands:  Hypro  |  Shurflo

Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

From pressurizing water for firefighting to pumping feedwater into a steam boiler to boosting water supply, we offer the right pump for the job.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis

Vertical Turbine Pumps

These pumps are ready to go deep and work harder for you.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis

Well Pumps

Helping to ensure the water from the well reaches where and when your customers need it.

Our Brands:  Berkeley  |  Myers  |  Sta-Rite

Regenerative Turbine Pumps

When system service interruption is not an option, you need a regenerative turbine pump you can count on to provide consistent, reliable flow.

Our Brands:  Aurora  |  Fairbanks Nijhuis


The Digital Toolbox Keeping You One Step Ahead

Introducing the Pentair Pro App

Grow a better business while delivering peace of mind to your smart-home customer with the Pentair range of connected water products and the Pentair Pro app. Receive alerts and monitor your customers’ devices in real-time from your smart device, so you can help diagnose issues and save time on service calls. 

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Pentair Encompass Pump Selection Tool

Find the right municipal or industrial wastewater pump that meets your project requirements.

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