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Keep towels fluffier and linens softer with reliable laundry water solutions to optimize the guest experience. Appropriately filtered water can help reduce equipment damage, resulting in less downtime and costly repairs.


Easy On Your

Reduced scale and slime buildup = Less maintenance and longer lasting equipment.


Soft Fresh

Soft water works harder to attack stains in cooler water temps.



Reduce the amount of laundry detergent needed.


Attack stains harder with softer water and reduce the amount of detergent needed.

Water Softeners

Pentair Everpure water softener systems offer a full line of commercial solutions to accommodate small to large businesses. By reducing mineral buildup and pipe corrosion, these water softeners help prolong the life of your water using equipment.

  • Features Pentair Fleck brand control valves - recognized worldwide for reliably and performance
  • Flow meter efficiently regenerates the system, saving on salt, water and the cost of electricity
  • Fiberglass-reinforced pressure tank endures up to 250,000 cycles without leaking
water softening

Featured Products

With such a diverse and comprehensive line of solutions, it's hard to select just one. Learn more about what makes Pentair Everpure products so special.

EVERPURE CES-9100 Series

  • Provides 24/7 flow of conditioned water
  • Utilizes 100% of treatment capacity before regenerating

EVERPURE CES-2850 Series

  • Hardness removal of 68,000 to 171,000 grains at flow rates up to 37 gallons per minute continuously
  • Features ion exchange, iron reduction and scale control

EVERPURE CES-9500 Series

  • Hardness removal of 68,000 to 169,000 grains at flow rates up to 31 gallons per minute continuously
  • Features ion exchange, iron reduction and scale control

Foodservice Water Concerns

Water is foundational to a foodservice operation. When it's bad it can create a negative customer experience. When it's good it can go unnoticed. When it's great it can delight. Treat your customer and your equipment right with a Pentair solution.

Softening/Ion Exchange

Hard water deposits can clog pipes and reduce water flow.

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Flushing / Sanitizing

Reduce microorganisms on a properly cleaned surface to a safe level.


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Water Testing & Analysis

The right water treatment solutions can be applied to meet your specific needs.

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Hardness Reduction

Scale buildup can clog and corrode, increasing energy usage and operating costs.

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Total Water Management 

Make managing your water easier and more cost effective than ever before. As your end-to-end custom water treatment solutions provider, you can count on our team of Pentair water experts, and network of service providers, to help solve your water-using equipment needs.

Simply put – we offer water expertise. Because when you know your water, you can own your water.


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Contact Pentair today to help you better understand your water conditions and what product solutions and service are right for your business.

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