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Pool & Spa

  • IntelliBrite® LED Lights Savings Calculator
    Discover how much you can save with IntelliBrite® White LED Pool and Spa Lights.
  • Heat Pump Savings Calculator
    This tool calculates the savings of a pool heat pump or hybrid heater compared to a pool gas heater by utilizing pool size, pool location, energy costs, swim season, and desired temperature.
  • MagicFalls® Waterfall Selector
    Our MagicFalls® waterfalls can be customized in a variety of ways: by water effect, lip length, width, and color. A bottom feed option is also available. 
  • Pool Volume Calculator
    Calculate the volume of water in your pool.
  • Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator
    Pool owners can save up to 90% when switching to one of our variable speed pumps. Calculate how much you can save in utility costs by switching to one of our variable speed pool pumps.
  • Salinity Calculator
    Use this calculator to see how much salt is needed to bring your pool to the ideal salinity of 3,400 PPM.
  • Saturation Index Calculator
    Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) Calculator is for Balancing Your Pool Water.

Know Your Water. Own Your Water.

Introducing the Pentair Home App

Stay smart, connected and protected with the Pentair Home app; offering a range of connected products that give you command of your home's water. From filter to flow, tap to pool, shower to sump pump, we help you move, improve and enjoy your water, with peace of mind at your fingertips.

The Pentair Home range of products includes connected water devices that help ensure a continuous flow of softened water, protect your home from leaks and flooding, and control your swimming pool system and water chemistry. All from the easy-to-use Pentair Home app dashboard on your smart device.

pentair home on mobile phone
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