Split Case Pumps

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Helping You Design the Perfect Split

Choosing a split case pump doesn’t have to be a split decision.  These pumps are built to provide energy efficiency, lower operational costs and quiet operation.  With Pentair pump expertise at your service, we can help you configure the pump you need.   

Why Choose Pentair Split Case Pumps?

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Trusted Brands

Install with confidence from our centuries of combined legacies in superior pump design and performance.

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Ease of Maintenance

Remove the upper half without dismantling pipe connections and driver components so alignment is not disturbed and you avoid additional down time. 

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Supported Partners

Be empowered with helpful digital tools and programs to boost your business.

Pump Selection Tool

Ready to configure your next pump with ease? Start your selection journey on Pentair Encompass Pump Selection Tool. 

Need a helping hand?

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to assist you.

Pentair Academy Online

Refresh your pump application and product
knowledge with trainings at your convenience.

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